The night owls team try to link in their visit to as much of the national curriculum as possible.

Our visit can work alongside topics such as Flight, night and day, Nocturnal animals, camouflage and adaption. As well as stimulating creative writing and discussion topics.

For some of the younger children the visit can bring to life the characters in Owl Babies or The Owl that was afraid of the dark!!

We can also offer the opportunity for some or all of the children to sit down at close quarters with some of the Owls and work on their observational drawings. They will be able to get up close to see the intricate and beautiful details of the owls and try to capture some of their beauty on to paper.

Whilst this visit is fun it is also educational. The children will also be reminded about what we can each do to protect our environment and how to preserve and keep safe the habitat that we all live in.